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“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”.  -  Japanese Proverb


Great teachers are born from nurturing environments that help them to grow and develop as educators. When this happens, young minds receive the quality education they need to succeed in life. Utopia Education offers you reliable, dedicated and passionate teachers. 


We require no placement fee if a centre wants to keep one of our relief teachers on permanently. You may be wondering why? 


We want to take as much stress as possible off centres who may need a teacher but simply cannot or will not pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to agencies for a recruitment fee.


Finding the right teacher for your centre, for your children, should not cost any placement fee.

We believe that selecting a permanent teacher for your centre is not an easy choice and not one to be taken lightly. You need a teacher who can work well with your centre, your children and whose philosophy fits your centre.


So instead of paying an $8,000 placement fee - why not use that to hire


  • Qualified Teacher                            - 161 hours

  • Unqualified Teacher                        - 250 hours

Then select the teacher that is perfect for your centre!


At Utopia, we believe it is best to observe the teaching practices of teachers before offering them a permanent role. You cannot know whether a teacher is perfect for you just by reading their CV and an interview, you should be able to take your time and try different teachers to make the best choice.

That is exactly what Utopia offers!


Not only that, but our app allows you to chat with teachers directly.


Once you’ve found the right one, you will not need to worry about a placement fee!


It also allows you to collect feedback from your team regarding a teacher.


This allows you and your team to choose the perfect teacher for your centre.


You can’t go wrong with Utopia.


Our end game is to make the world of ECE as simple as possible.


The education of young minds is paramount at Utopia Education and so we do our very best to offer support and help to our clients, so they can better help and equip our children in the world of education.


It isn’t just about providing relief teachers to centres in need but creating a culture of love for the field of ECE teaching and all that comes with it.


"The ECE sector has been in a crisis state in terms of teachers and staffing recruitment.

Utopia Education has provided such a positive experience to support us and the sector.

It was a natural process for us to offer the Utopia relief teacher a permanent role as she became part of the team when she was relieving."


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