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You support children,
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About us

Company overview

Utopia Education is an app-based company, that works as a platform connecting ECE centres with qualified or unqualified teachers. We work to provide an affordable and reliable service to ECE centres so that they can put their whole heart into providing quality education to young children. 


Here at Utopia, we value quality early childhood education, it is the fundamental drive that develops young minds successfully. When children receive a quality education in their early years, it gives them an elevated start to their lifelong journey.


We understand it can be an anxious process trying to find relief teachers... so we have made it our mission to deliver centre managers and owners with an easy, worry-free platform! With Utopia Education, ECE centres can find relieving staff who are affordable, available, and adaptable. Additionally, Utopia provides a free placement service for centres if they wish to offer any relief teachers from Utopia a Full-Time position.


For teachers, Utopia enables them to find flexible work with a competitive hourly rate in the ECE field while also giving them the opportunities to enrich their teaching career by working with different centres.


Utopia addresses current social challenges through human-centred technology and innovation. By providing support services and quality work to teachers, we create a care infrastructure that: 

  • Gives ECE centres the freedom to focus on educating.

  • Allows Teachers to attain financial inclusion and stability.

  • Offers Employers to gain better talent and increase productivity.

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