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Same platform,
new way of connecting

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Our mobile app has launched and is ready to be downloaded from your mobile App Store.  


Once you have signed up as a Centre on the mobile App, you will be able to manage your bookings either on mobile App, or on Web App.


Once you have signed up as a Teacher, you will be able to accept job invites and manage your scheduled jobs on mobile App. 


All in the palm of your hand. 


Designed for your needs


User-friendly interface for a seamless experience through human-centred technology and innovation.

Lessening the stress and increase productivity. 

One Stop

Be able to place and accept bookings, access teacher files, confirm payslip and leave reviews all in one place. So you can focus on providing excellent education for our young ones. 


There will be times when teachers will want to directly message a centre - to ensure location, parking or discuss tasks. The in-app chat features allows for one on one communication. 

What People Are Saying


Jane, the CM of ACG Parnell

App is very easy to use. Your response is faster than other agencies.

chasing joy_edited.jpg

Hayley, the CM of
Chasing Joy

App is pretty straightforward and easy to use.


Suzanne, the CM/administer of Kadimah Preschool

It is great to be able to get almost instantaneous feedback if there is a reliever available. The app is providing an excellent service.


Christina, the owner of
Kid’s Land Educare

I LOVE using your App!

I found it very useful in finding a teacher.

download (2).png

Lei, the CM of
Learning Tree Albany

Utopia has teachers with good quality. The App is very easy to approach.


Nicole, the CM of Tiny Tuis

The service is good. The relief teachers are amazing, they are helpful and supportive

new beginings.png

Mandi, the CM of New Beginnings Preschool

App is easy to use. The teachers have all been great. 


Janet, the CM of The Rainbow ELC

The App is very straight forward to use. It is handy to get sent a link for the teacher's documents.

Utopia teachers are very nice, they always turn up on time. They are from a diverse range which is great.


Winnie, the CM of Cuddles ELC

Utopia App is very handy to use, always finds us a teacher very quickly. The confirming timesheet feature is very useful. The relief teachers have all been great. They always turn up 5, 10 mins early before their shift starts. The centre rating is great too as we use it monitor our performance. It is great to receive feedback from different teachers.


Mandy, the CM of StAC Pre-school

The App is easy to use. The relievers have all been fantastic, proactive, engaging and always ask questions.



  • How to sign up

How to sign up as a teacher
How to sign up as a centre
  • Features

  • Why centres need to sign up?
    We need to create your profile and verify your license information. You have the chance to access to all our clients’ returns.
  • How much does it cost to register?
    Nothing. It’s free.
  • How do I book an ECE reliever?
    Download Utopia Education App. Sign up as a centre. Fill in "Create A Job" form and click "Submit". We will connect you with the ECE support teacher.
  • What is the hourly rate for relief teachers?
    Unqualified Relievers is NZD 32.00 + GST. Qualified and Registered Relievers (Primary or Early Childhood) is NZD 49.00 + GST.
  • What is 14-Days Advance Booking?
    With any jobs that are created through 14-Days Advance Booking portal in Utopia app, a 5% discount is taken off your booking fee. 
  • What time periods can be booked?
    Utopia is available 24/7/ Whenever you need us, simply create a job through our App and we will match you up with a reliever.
  • Do I have to pay a placement fee if I want to offer a reliever a permanent position?
    Definitely not, you do not have to pay any placement fee at all. Furthermore, with our current promotion of 10% off job bookings until the end of March 2023, and our 5% off 14-Days Advance Booking, you can have approximately 200 qualified hours or 295 unqualified hours of booking! Instead of paying 8K placement fee, you could use this discount to trial our teachers to find the perfect fit for your centre if needed.
  • How much notification I need to give if I were to cancel or amend the booking?
    Any cancellations of a confirmed job booking must be made with no less than 24 hours notice from the start of the confirmed job booking. Confirmed job booking cannot be cancelled within 24 hours. If you cancel less than 24 hours with, you will be charged 30% of the full amount of your booking hours. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if no Candidate has confirmed your jobs yet.
  • When do I get invoiced after booking a reliever?
    Invoice go out daily with payment due 5 working days from receipt of invoice.
  • Are relief teachers vetted?
    Yes, they are vetted via a work reference and police check before they can apply for jobs. They meet safety checking and vulnerable children requirements.
  • Tutorial for new users

You'll be able to explore the features through "Tutorial" in the "App Menu >> Support" and to get some tricks and tips through "Tips" in the "App Menu >> Support" as well.


Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any question on our App. 

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