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Teachers Gesture of Goodwill

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” - Anne Frank

At Utopia, we always encourage our teachers to be helpful and do their absolute best in every centre they enter. And it is true to say, our teachers do just that!

This week, one of our awesome teachers - Lu Lu, had to apply leave for one of his jobs due to unforeseen circumstances. However, after his situation was resolved he made his way to this centre, where he volunteered 3 hours of his time to help them out!

We are truly inspired and grateful that although Lu Lu was in a difficult situation, he still made the effort to go out to this centre and work, free of charge! This tells of his hard work and dedication to support our centres, and their children.

Thank you Lu Lu, for your mahi (work) and representing yourself and Utopia Education well. We believe this story will inspire all our teachers to continue to put their best foot forward to support our centres and children. You may not see or feel it, but your role as a teacher makes a big difference!

Keep working hard and striving for the best!

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